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Taxidermy Mounts Captures Your Memory Forever...

Mounting Types:
European Mount includes a cleaned skull and antlers. For some, a European Mount is an inexpensive way to showcase a memorable hunting experience. The addition of a plaque can include important details of the event.

Shoulder Mount is a very popular choice when showcasing almost any memorable trophy. Again, like the European Mount, the Shoulder Mount can include the option of a plaque commemorating details of the outing.

Full Lifesize Setting is the ultimate choice in taxidermy. Full Lifesize Settings can capture almost any of Nature's true-to-life surroundings by simply including rocks, limbs a fence section, or other example of nature's attractive settings into a breathtaking trophy.

In-Flight and Perched Mounts are very popular settings for Birds when capturing that special moment. In either case, RS Taxidermy specializes true-to-life characteristics you'll enjoy displaying!

Open or Closed Mouth Mounts are among the most popular options when displaying that "prized fish".

A professionally mounted piece from RS Taxidermy will last for many generations if good care is taken of it.

RS Taxidermy

RS Taxidermy

RS Taxidermy