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Taxidermy Repairing and Tanning From RS Taxidermy

Restoration and Tanning:
• At RS Taxidermy, we deliver ONLY the finest quality lifelike taxidermy. We ONLY invest in the best equipment and training, including the highest quality fleshing machine, sometimes called a round knife.
• But, we don't stop there... we also have one of the finest pressurized tanning machines in the area.
• The steps we take to ensure your prize taxidermy mount is exceptional includes our own special "pickle" and treatment mixtures we have developed to perfection over decades.
• Give us a call, we look forward to adding you to our ever-growing list of satisfied customers. Take a moment and look over a small sample of our work.

Bring Back The Best Of Your Taxidermy Trophy With Our Restoration Service - Give Us A Call Today!

RS Taxidermy

RS Taxidermy