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Taxidermy Preparation With RS Taxidermy

Recommended Steps and Processes:
• In the case of birds and small-to-medium sized mammals, it is best to put the animal in a plastic bag and freeze it - if you can’t bring it to us immediately. This step ensures tissue decay is slowed and your chances of receiving a display-worthy Trophy improve greatly.
• We will place the animal in our project freezer. As soon as we have received your deposit, we will begin by removing the skin and washing it thoroughly. The anatomical structure of your animal, along with other measurements such as eyes and key feature placements are carefully noted or photographed.
• Once thouroughly cleaned, the body is re-sculpted, either by a foam cast of the original body or other means. The measurements made earlier are carefully followed while making the replacement body.
• The skin is treated, repaired and tanned.
• The skin is moved back to its original position on the body. Feathers or fur are carefully placed back in the right areas.
• The face needs a lot of work to bring back the animals expression. The detailing of a taxidermy piece is a precise process, and can take days of work. The skin then needs to dry, and once all is done, skin tones are touched-up with fine detail pigments or airbrushing that is true to life.

A professionally mounted piece from RS Taxidermy will last for many generations if good care is taken of it.

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